Happy National Curious Day!

Did you know that there was a National Curious Day? Yep, there is. According to ​Days of the Year, October 9th is the day for curiosity. Let’s tickle your brain and share with you some interesting real estate facts around the world that you didn’t know until today!

For starters, did you know that in Scotland, homeowners traditionally paint their doors red to symbolize they are mortgage-free. If you ever stop by and see a red door, tell them congrats–being mortgage-free is a huge accomplishment!

More recently in 2019, Santa Cruz County in California experience a not so usual bandit around town. Realtors were noticing missing house listing brochures and the one behind this was known as the “Flier Bandit ​.” There was a contest of who can get the most fliers. The prize you may ask? A bride! The Sheriff’s office was not too thrilled to handle a non-crime investigation, because it wasn’t a “crime” unless he was trespassing. Let’s hope there aren’t anymore Flier Bandits out there, the real estate market does NOT welcome you!

Have you’ve seen the Bavarian town named Nordlingen? From an aerial view, you’ll notice its shape. This town was built over a 15-million-year-old meteor–can you believe that! The people of this town are still living in that circular layout ontop of the remaining crater. How neat, you’ll have to go visit one day to see this one in person!

As you’re reading this in the middle of the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, let us offer you a quick relief about germs. Did you know that silver, iron, copper and aluminum doorknobs kills bacteria as well as serve as a natural self-disinfectant? I hope that gives you something less to worry about when planning to visit open houses while many others are touching the door knobs. But make sure you check what your doorknobs are made from, stainless steel or glass can actually be more of a hotspot for bacteria, so please still be sure to clean and sanitize well!

Last fact that you didn’t know until today: did you know the average time a person moves is 12? Yes, twelve times in their lifespan! All that moving and you will still need an agent for each time alongside a title company, so we hope we are your choice during one (or all) of them!

Attorneys Title takes care of the preparation, reviewing of purchase and sale agreement, loan documentation, leases, title insurance, and so much more! Let us take care of you in one of your many moves.

We hope you do you part in staying curious today. Go out and find something interesting you are curious about and share it with your friends!