Helpful tips to sell your home this Fall

Are you in the market to sell your home this season and not sure what else you  need to do to help boost your advertising? Here are some tips you might want to consider adding to your to-do list if you haven’t already thought about doing so yet!

Before the leaves turn brown and wilt away, snap some photos of the greenery you have! You will be able to offer what your home looks like during both seasons of summer and fall. Showcasing an enjoyable outside experience in other weather scenarios can bring to life what potential your home has for someone else!

As the year moves forward, the days are getting shorter. Take your photos now while the daylight is still available, but don’t get discouraged to use additional lighting. You should stage your home as homey and warm as you can. Did someone say pumpkin spice candles?

Autumn Appeal
Even when the leaves fall, don’t forget to get the shots of the beautiful landscape you have. Be sure to rake the leaves often and keep your yard tidy. Declutter the areas that need some help and clean your windows!

Work Quickly
It is harder to sell during the winter months (December and January) as weather is never spot on in Tennessee. So move fast when preparing to sell your home as it will make the process 10x easier for the buyers to move through and not have to deal with unexpected weather that could pop up.

Do not be discouraged. It can seem daunting to miss potential buyers coming out during the cold weather, but making your home appealing and livable will motivate buyers to take the next step with you! Take advantage of this season and use it to outshine your beautiful home!